Bridal Trial

On your trial day, DH Studio will advise you on the styles that will suit you best on your wedding day, and will provide you, and your entire wedding party professional advice. It is suggested that you have your trial done at least 1-2 months before the wedding day.

On the day of your hair trial, bring anything you think will help explain the looks you love or the style of your wedding. Have a friend take a photo of you in your dress at a fitting. Bring a swatch of fabric if you think that will help. Bring pictures of brides, celebrities, models—anyone whose look inspires you. Your hair trial gives you the chance to try different looks you did not consider before.

Preparing for your trial day

Make sure you wash your hair the night before or preferably that morning as greasy, oily hair is a No No! Wash your hair with your usual shampoo and then condition only the middle ends to ends. This will apply the same for your wedding day.

Please wear a natural tone t shirt. Or a style top/dress similar to your wedding wedding dress. Preferably white or ivory. Choose a colour that you will be wearing on your wedding day.

Bring with any hair accessories that you wish to be wearing on the day. Tiara, clip, flower, veil, hair band etc, as this will create a better visual of the final style. If you’re planning to wear real flowers in your hair on your wedding day, bringing them to the trial as well if possible. Always keep in mind that seasons change, some flowers might not be available at that time of your wedding day as to your your trial day.